Player Protect

                                                                                                                                 Real Protection for Real Athletes


About Us

  • Our Company is comprised of Both Current and Retired Law Enforcement Agents


  • Our Officers have Federal rights to carry their weapons in every US State


  • We are a Licensed and Bonded Security Agency


  • Security and Discretion are our Main Concerns


  • We Utilize the most current technology and equipment


  • We network with Police Departments throughout the Country and the World


  • Instant access to all types of Transportation as needed


   We take a unique approach to protecting today's Professional Athlete. Unlike other Executive Protection Agencies, our goal is to have the protection blend in with the clients entourage. This allows our agents to easily spot a potential threat without being detected as security. Since we have a huge pool of employees to chose from, we can place the right Officer with any client to blend in.