Player Protect

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 The Only Real Name in Athlete off-field Security!  PlayerProtect, LLC         NJ License          # 1054
 PlayerProtectFL, LLC     Florida License       # B 1700183

Image is money and a bad image for a professional athlete can be the difference between making money and losing money. 

Although programs which offer rides home once you have had too much to drink are good in theory, today's athletes need real security to be there if and when confronted with a situation and not after the fact!

Cops acting as chauffuer is fine for the general public, but Pro Athletes need Cops as security and not as high priced cab drivers!

      In today’s society the need for armed security for athletes has become more than a luxury it has become a necessity.  The simple truth is that highly paid athletes have become not only the target of enhanced media spotlight and scrutiny, but also the prey of ruthless and deceitful individuals who will use any situation to further their own wealth. This has become common for today’s athlete, particularly  when they are away from the sports arena.
        PlayerProtect, LLC         NJ License                # 1054
                                                                                     PlayerProtectFL, LLC     Florida License       # B 1700183